Squale 7.1 release notes

Squale version: 7.1

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  • Java > 5
  • Servlet > 2.3 compliant server
  • MySql, Oracle or HSQL currently supported out of the box

News and noteworthy

This release addresses 9 issues.

Here are the main improvements for this release:

  • Bug fixes
    • Fix an issue which preventing the launching of the rest servlet on glassfish 2
    • Fix some issues in the Squalix qualimetry tools.
  • Improvements
    • Improvement of the squale rest. More informations return for the existing url and add new url. See here for more informations on the rest.

There are lots of other improvements and bug fixes.

Migration guide

To upgrade from Squale 7.0 to Squale 7.1, please follow these steps:

  1. Update your database with the SQL migration scripts that you will find in the new distribution