Squale 6.0 release notes

Squale version: 6.0

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  • Java > 5
  • Servlet > 2.3 compliant server
  • MySql, Oracle or HSQL currently supported out of the box

News and noteworthy

This release addresses 13 issues.

Here are the main improvements for this release:

  • Bug fixes
    • some practices details are missing / not displayed
    • volumetry and Factors summary are repeated in action plan
  • Improvements
    • displaying the mark trend close to the "weather" icon is misleading
    • give the opportunity to rename an application
    • make it possible to customize the regexp pattern used to createor rename applications
    • improve Ant-Maven bridges
    • improve the Cobertura task performances
  • New functionality
    • export anonymized quality data to a central shared repository, where statistics are computed and made available so that they are imported back into Squale to be able to compare applications of the same kind.
    • implement distribution map visualisation in Squale Web

There are lots of other improvements and bug fixes.

Migration guide

To upgrade from Squale 5.3 to Squale 6.0, please follow these steps:

  1. Update your database with the SQL migration scripts that you will find in the new distribution
  2. If you want to use the shared repository new functionnality (that is not active by default), you have to modify the squale-config.xml file and reload it. More precisely, you have to add the following code in the admin-params section of the squale-config.xml file:

    There are two main parts in this new shared-repository-export tag :

    • The squalix-server part. Here you should indicate which Squalix server will execute the export. To do so give the name of this server. This name should correspond to the one records for this server in the database. By default the first Squalix server has for name squaleSrv.
    • The mapping. In this section you should indicate which tool metrics you will use for the export. For the full open-source case you can reuse the informations given in the example above.