Squale 5.3 release notes

Squale version: 5.3

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  • Java > 5
  • Servlet > 2.3 compliant server
  • MySql, Oracle or HSQL currently supported out of the box

News and noteworthy

This release addresses 15 issues.

Here are the main improvements for this release:

  • Bug fixes
    • in some cases, JavaNCSS report file could break Squalix JavaNCSS task.
    • on MySQL, it was impossible to purge an audit if a manual mark comment was to be deleted.
    • for COBOL applications containing several modules, the volumetry graph was empty
  • Improvements
    • performance improvement of the JavaNCSS Task (reduced execution time)
    • performance improvement when loading the home page
    • the JSP volumetry tool can now run on Windows
    • an auditor profile has been added in order to give the ability to add manual marks to specific users who do not belong to the development team's scope
    • it is now possible to set the minimum number of practices or criteria to evaluate criteria and factors (default behavior remains as before, i.e. 2 practices are needed to evaluate a criteria, and the same for criteria and factors).
    • the behavior when grabbing sources with SCM in Squale was inconsistent between CVS on one hand and SVN/filesystem on the other hand.
      • If you were using SVN or filesystem, please read the migration part at the end of this page.
  • Documentation
    • A new page called "Discovering Squale" references all the useful resources needed to get started quickly with Squale.

There are lots of other improvements and bug fixes.

Migration guide

To upgrade from Squale 5.2 to Squale 5.3, please follow these steps:

  1. Update your database with the SQL migration scripts that you will find in the new distribution
  2. If you need to reload your "squale-config.xml" file, then you should upgrade it from its DTD 1.1 to its DTD 1.2
    • You can refer to the distribution archive to compare your own file with the updated one
  3. If you were using SCM to grab sources from Subversion or from the file system, then you will need to modify the configuration of your modules to add the last path segment into your configurations.
    • For instance, let's say you were grabbing file from SVN at the following URL: https://svn.squale.org/squale/squale/trunk/Squale/. Then you need to add "Squale/" at the beginning of each relative path when you configure your module to tell the source folders, the JSP folders, the Ant build script folder, ...etc.