Squale eclipse client

  1. Installation

    Download the squale client plugin for eclipse and copy it in your $ECLIPSE_HOME/plugins directory. At the next eclipse start the Squale client will be available.

  2. Configuration

    In eclipse, go through the horizontal menu to : Window / Preferences / squale.
    Set the login and the password for the current user then the squale web server informations (host, port and contextroot).

    Squale preferences page
  3. Utilization

    To display the Squale Dashboard view in eclipse, go through the horizontal menu to : Window / Show View / Other...
    Add the view Squale / Squale Dashboard.

    Here you will see all the applications

    • which has at least one successful audit
    • for which the current user (defined in the preferences) has rights or are public applications

    For each applications the plugin displays the factors mark of the modules involved in the last successful audit of the application

    You have at your disposal an action to refresh the view (useful if the squaleweb server is not available at the lauch of the plugin)

    Squale dashboard