Manage the applications


There are two types of configuration:

  • A general configuration: User1 is allowed to modify a few things about the applications.
    • He can amend the server linked to the application
    • chose to perform audits only by express request
    • change the audits and purges frequency.
    • Modify the project's names, profiles and source recovery tool.
    • Configure user rights
  • A configuration specific to each project, in which User1 can modify the following elements
    • The project's names, profiles and source recovery tool.
    • The Quality Grid

How to

On the horizontal menu, go to "administration" -> "my applications". Then, select the application you want to modify. You see the current configuration of your application, and you can change it by clicking on "modify configuration"

To modify a project's configuration, click on the project you want to modify, at the bottom of the page.

User1 can also ask for an audit