Horizontal menu : Applications

For the administrators the Horizontal menu : Applications had additional entries

menu : Applications
   |-- ...
   |-- Applications on standby
   |-- Audit management
   |     |-- Scheduling
   |     |-- Consult history
   |     `-- Partially successful / Failed
   |-- Communication
   |     |-- News items
   |     `-- send email
   |-- Quality grid
   |-- Tools configuration
   |     |-- CppTest
   |     |-- PMD
   |     |-- Checkstyle
   |     `-- Squalix batch
   |-- Statistics
   |     |-- ROI
   |     `-- General
   `-- Messages

Let's see these new entries.

  1. Applications on standby

    Before a user can schedule an audit on his applications, this one should have been confirm by an administrator. Before confirm an application the administrator should checked the configuration of the application and its projects.

    1. Check the application(s) you want to confirm.
    2. Click on : Confirm the selection.

    Now The application(s) is (are) confirmed and the user can schedule an audit on it(s).

  2. Audit management
    1. Scheduling

      In this page you will find :

      1. The audits scheduled.

        The list of audits scheduled :

        Scheduled audit

        You can modify the date of an audit :

        1. Click on the icon on the left of the audit you want to modify.
        2. Change the date of the audit.
        3. Click on : Modify.

        The date of the audit has been changed.

      2. The audits which status is : "In progress"

        Some failed audits stay with the status : "In progress". You can suppress these audits. Be careful ! Be sure that these audits are not really in progress.

        1. Check the audit(s) you want to suppress.
        2. Click on the button : Purge.

        The selected audits are suppressed.

    2. Consult history

      In this page you will find informations on the last successful audit for each of applications. The informations are the date of starting and ending of the audit, its length and its max file size.

    3. Partially successful / Failed

      You will find a list of all partially successful and failed audits. You can change the status of the audit from partially successful to failed (and vice versa):

      1. Check the audit(s) for which you want to change the status.
      2. Click the button : Modify status.

      Now the selected audit(s) has(have) changed of status.

  3. Communication
    1. News items

      In this part you can manage the news displays in Squale.

    2. Send email

      In this part you can send email to users of an application.

  4. Quality grid

    In this part you can manage the grid quality. See here in the configuration page for more details.

  5. Tools configuration

    In this part you can configure the tools. More informations in the page of configuration.

  6. Statistics
    1. ROI

      Here you will find a simple system for calculate ROI.

    2. General

      Here you will find complete statistics on Squale.

  7. Messages

    Here you can download into Squale the file messages.xml. See here in the configuration page for more details.