Modify an application's Configuration

To do that, click on the button : Modify Configuration

General application configuration

Here you can modify the configuration of the application.

  • If you check : I want to perform audits only by express request, that mean you disabled follow-up audit on this application.
  • {You can't set your application as public}. Only an administrator of Squale can. So if you want to set your application as public send an email to your Squale administrator.

What is a public application ?
A public application is an application for which all users has the reader privilege.

Manage the access to the application

To do that, click on : user rights.

Grant access to others users

As a manager you can grant access to your applications to other users :

1) Click on : Add a user
2) Enter the name of the new user and select its profile :

  • A manager could modify the configuration of the application in Squale.
  • A reader could only watch.

You have grant access to a new user.

Modify access level

You can modify the access level of a user.

1) For the user, choose the new profile in the list.
2) Click on: Confirm

You have changed the access level of a use

In the same way you can reassign an access to an other user.

Now let's see how to delete an application