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Work Package Name Link to Deliverable Delivery date Description
WP 1.1 Software metrics
Deliverable 1.1, version 1 26-01-2009 In depth study about software metrics that can be used to specify Squale Model practices
Deliverable 1.1, version 2 31-03-2010 New metrics added (results of a research thesis about package coupling)
WP 1.2 Visualization of Practices and Metrics
Deliverable 1.2, version 1 06-07-2009 In depth study about visualizations that can be used to display practices and metrics
Deliverable 1.2, version 1.1 31-03-2010 Finalized version of the document
WP 1.3 The Squale Quality Model
ICSM 2009 Paper 26-06-2009 Paper "The Squale Model - A Practice-based Industrial Quality Model", 25th IEEE International Conference on Software Maintenance 2009
Deliverable 1.3, version 1 06-07-2009 Description of the Squale quality meta-model and listing of practices
Deliverable 1.3, version 2 06-09-2010 Finalized version of the document
WP 2.1 & 2.2 Technical Model for Remediation
Deliverable 2.1 & 2.2, version 1 26-01-2009 State-of-the-art and first proposal of software remediation principles
Deliverable 2.1, version 1 13-09-2010 Model and Definition
Deliverable 2.2, version 1 13-09-2010 Technical model for remediation
WP 2.3 Return of investment estimation
Deliverable 2.3, version 0.5 06-07-2009 First version of the ROI spreadsheet tool [FR]
Deliverable 2.3, version 1 01-09-2010 Final version of the spreadsheet tool used to estimate the return of investment of a global quality process [FR]