The Left Menu: Components

  1. The left menu : components / all

    Here in the area 3 you will obtain the results for each component of the project.

    When you click on The left menu : components / all, the first component displayed is the top level package.

    For each component we have three tabs in the area 3

    1. Tab Component content

      In this tab you have the list of all the child components of the component selected. Click on one of this child components for obtain its own informations.

    2. Tab Component results
Component results

Here you will find the score for each practices and metrics calculate on this component.

Click on the icon on the right and you will obtain a plot of the score's trend for the related practice / metric on this component.

Click on the icon on the left and you will obtain a summary on the calculation on the related practice.

  1. Tab General information

    In this tab you can :

    • Find the hierarchy for this component.
    • Add a comment to this component.
    • Exclude this component from the action plan.
  1. The left menu : Components / Excluded from action plan

    Here you will find all the components excluded from the action plan.

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