Structure of the page

The application results pages all have the same structure :

Application results page
  1. Area 1 : The left menu
    Left menu
      |-- Summary
      |-- Projects 
      |     |-- 1st project of the application
      |     |-- 2nd project of the application
      |     `-- ...
      `-- Audits
            |-- Successful
            |-- Failed
            `-- Partially Successful
  2. Area 2 : The cartridge

    The cartridge contains :

    • The name of the application audited.
    • The date of the audit.
    • The date of the previous audit.

    By default Squale compare the mark of the last successful audit with the mark of the next to last successful audit. The dates shown in the cartridge correspond to the dates of the two audits compared. To change the two audits compared see below the part the left menu / Audits.

  3. Area 3 : The audit results

    The content of the area 3 depends on the choice done in the left menu.

  4. Area 4 : Export

    In this area you will find a button to create a PDF report. This report is a summary of all the informations presents in the area 3.

Bellow you will find a description of the page you will obtain according to the choice done in the left menu.

Now let's see in details the left menu